About Upright Burials

A very Australian alternative to traditional funerals.  Upright Burials has inherent appeal for many people as it provides a burial option that is simple natural and economical.  Upright Burials is operated by Tony and Lois Dupleix.

Upright Burials was floated in 1984 with 20 subscribers who wanted to pursue the idea of developing an innovative burial company.  After complying with regulatory requirements we commenced burial services in 2010.

2014 - to date:

Lois and Tony have taken full responsibility for the ongoing operations.


Tony Dupleix (B. Ag. Sci (Hons)), Managing Director

Tony Dupleix Managing DirectorTony has been one of the drivers in establishing the business and oversees the daily operations of Upright Burials. Tony has been involved in agricultural interests his entire career, lives on and operates a farm at Camperdown.  He has held numerous leadership roles in the community including local Branch President of the Victorian Farmers Federation and Captain of the Leslie Manor Rural Fire Brigade.

Tony was immediately drawn to the opportunity to be involved in such an unusual and innovative business and is constantly encouraged by the many hundreds of people over recent years who have voiced their support for this burial process. Tony is the spokesperson for Upright Burials.

As Managing Director, he oversees the daily operation of the business.


Lois Dupleix, Director



1984 to 2014 - 5 Directors set up and ran the intial start up.


George Lines

George initiated the concept of a vertical burial business, created a trust fund and identified individuals who were interested enough to support the business concept and become investors.

As an agricultural consultant, he could see the low margins farmers operated on and viewed the new business as a way to bring money back to the bush. He has always has been a person comfortable working at the boundaries of social norms and questioning ‘common knowledge’.

John Dawson (AM)

John is a retired farmer still living on the farm and who formerly practised law as a solicitor in Melbourne. His career in the law included examining the causes of injury at work.  John has been President of the Law Institute of Victoria and is a life member.

John became involved in Farming around 1980 and became active in the NFF Industrial Committee.  He was appointed to the Commonwealth Ministerial Advisory Group on Farm Safety 1988-89 and was also Chairman of Farmsafe Australia 1994-8.  .

In 2004 he was admitted to Membership in the Order of Australia (AM) for services to agriculture particularly in Farm Safety and has also been involved as a director of Slamp Ltd in the development of sheep handling and shearing.

John was attracted to George Lines' concept for burial and has persisted in making it a reality. This method of burying bodies is a logical extension of "safety". He has contibruted to the development of the equipment used by the company so that manual handling is restricted to a minimum. The eco friendly process for returning bodies to the earth with minimal use of fossil fuel is a bonus.

Robert Manifold (Dip. Farm Management)

Robert is a pastoralist and has been involved in primary industry throughout his career.  Over the course of his career he has been a producer, a manufacturer and a consultant.  Robert has been a community leader and his involvement has included being Captain of the Weerite Fire Brigade and Branch President of the local Victorian Farmers Federation.

Starting in mid 1990s, Robert also developed and launched Mt. Emu Creek Sheep Milk Products.  This award-winning dairy products business in Camperdown was built into a gourmet food brand with worldwide distribution.

Alex Mactier (B. Comm)

Over the last 20 years, Alex has been involved with establishing and launching innovative and creative projects for numerous organisations. He has worked in strategic planning and finance consulting roles with a range of organisations, from multinationals to SMEs, and is currently the Executive Officer of a not-for-profit community organisation based in central Victoria.

Alex became involved in Upright Burials because he saw the need for a genuine alternative to traditional funeral options.



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